3 dec.: Conclusions of the French-Swedish Seminar on Future Nuclear Systems

The French Embassy in Sweden, the Institut français de Suède and the Royal Institute of Technology KTH have organized a research seminar dedicated to Future Nuclear Systems on December 3rd 2013. This event was the opportunity for international expert and specially the French and Swedish ones to exchange and discuss about future challenges and opportunities of Gen-IV systems.

As Sweden and France share a great experience in the research nuclear field, the French experts from the CEA (Commissariat for Atomic Energy) and CNRS (Center National de la Recherche Scientifique) could exchange with their counterpart from Chalmers University, KTH and the University of Uppsala with intensity and a lot of interest.

The seminar was a plenary sessions dealing with different types of Gen-IV systems:

  • Sodium-cooled fast reactors including ASTRID,
  • the European research reactor JHR and the contribution of Swedish universities to its implementation,
  • Molten Salt Reactor (MSR),
  • Lead-cooled Fast Reactor (LFR), Fuel cycle and Actinide extraction (GANEX)…


Consult the presentations :


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