By the end of 2016, the Institut français de Suède (IFS) aims to open a new space to the public, a window/showroom presenting contemporary France embodying the French presence in Stockholm. This venue, a space for social exchange above all, will be a meeting point around the French culture but also a center of information and digital resources. It will present the cultural activities and the scientific, university and educative programs implemented by the IFS. The venue, with a welcoming, dynamic and accessible atmosphere, will be situated in a lively neighborhood in Stockholm. It will host many different forms of activities: talks, film screenings, literary events, small concerts, etc.

In this framework, the IFS is looking for a partner to run the café/bar/restaurant/boutique element of the future venue.

Two scenarios are possible :
1- The partner already has an adapted venue for these kind of activities and would be looking to sub-lease a part of it for the IFS and its activities;
2- The partner is developing a project of a café/bar/restaurant and would like to associate itself with the IFS in the search for a common venue.

The IFS is open to other propositions that could match with this project.

To express your interest :
please send a description of your activities/concept/project
(maximum 1 page, preferably in French or in English)

before the 7th of March

to :
For any further information, please call 08-45 95 380

The Institut français de Suède is the operator of the French scientific, linguistic and cultural cooperation in Sweden. Founded in 1937, the Institut français de Suède, formerly Franska Institutet, has been located in the premises of the French Embassy in Stockholm since 2011.

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