A.R.I.S.E. “Art pRactice for an Inclusive School in Europe”


Project start date: September 2016

Project total duration: 36 months


The proposed Erasmus+ KA2 project aims at creating a European network of schools working in interaction with cultural and artistic institutions so as to lead a common reflection on the place of art and artistic practice in inclusive schools and to build on pedagogical materials for European teachers and students. The target group is professionals in the field of disability and art in the artistic and cultural partner institutions, special needs teachers, and students from primary to secondary school. A three-year programme of progressive activities will be defined and each partner will have its own role in the project. The expected outcomes are the implementation of a network of professionals acting for an inclusive school in Europe through arts, a final production gathering all partners and showing the pedagogical and artistic actions led by students, the creation of a European guide of school inclusion through art and artistic practice. This project will carry out a common action resulting in a final output that can be disseminated in all European countries in order to initiate a common reflection and synergy at European level in this field.


The académie de Paris is looking for partners for this project with other countries in Europe.

  • 2 Elementary schools / 2 secondary schools (grundskola 6/ 16 years old)
  • 1 Professional High school and 1 general high schools (17-20 years old)

All the school partners should have inclusion for pupils with special needs.

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