FASEM : French and Swedish school on energy materials

In the frame of the French-Swedish partnership for innovation and green solutions, the French Institute of Sweden is co-organizing an advanced school from the 13th to the 17th of May 2019 in Lund on X-rays and neutrons techniques for the study of functional materials for energy. This school answers the will to foster French and Swedish communities around a subject at the heart of today’s challenges: functional materials for energy applications. The event is open to M2, PhD and post docs in physics or chemistry.

The functional materials can be used for production, storage and transport of energy. The techniques used for their study are very complex and require great infrastructures. The analysis methods have greatly improved over the past 40 years, thanks to large-scale (X-ray and neutron) facilities becoming more precise and more powerful. Nowadays, it is possible to access the structural organization and dynamics at the atomic scale. Two main methods are used for the analysis, neutrons or X-rays. Both techniques present complementarities that will be explored during the school.

The week is constructed around different activities. There will be lectures on the fundamental theories of the matters. Moreover, the participants will be introduced to experimental procedures that will be possible in the large-scale facilities MAX IV and the European Spallation Source (ESS) as visits are planned.

The synchrotron MAX IV operates since December 2016 and ESS is under construction. Both are located in Lund and bring new research possibilities and it is important to collaborate with the Swedish community. France has also on its territory one source of neutrons and two synchrotrons. SOLEIL synchrotron already collaborates with MAX IV and it is important to reinforce long-term partnerships between France and Sweden. This advanced school is the occasion to create lasting collaborations between young French and Nordic researchers, especially for the use of large scale facilities.

Registration on the following link: https://fasem.sciencesconf.org/ before the 10th March 2019. 30 places are available to M2 and PhD students and post-docs in physics or chemistry with sufficient mathematical background to be able to understand the theoretical formalism used in the physics.

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