The University of Borås and the French Institute in Sweden – Embassy of France in Sweden organized the « French Swedish Research Day » to discuss about designing the future, textile materials, declined in the sub-topics of challenges facing the textile industry, alternative fibres and textile materials, smart textiles, the manufacture of tomorrow ́s textiles and the circular economy in the textile sector.

The conference was intended as an opportunity for researchers from France and Sweden to present and discuss their work and the challenges they face. It was also an opportunity to meet and help finding partners for future projects. The conference had the ambition to have some insights from the innovation point of views and experiences.

The conference was in October, 18th and 19th, 2022 at the Textile Fashion Center and online. 

“House of knowledge” sculture by Jaume Plensa, Borås

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Etienne de Gonneville, Delphine Vialleton, Bruno Mougin, Valérie Lemarquand, Cédric Cochrane, Aurélie Cayla

Nawar Kadi, Valérie Lemarquand, Etienne de Gonneville, Mikael Schrifvars, Suzanne Nejderås

Discover more about the speakers from France

Aurelie Cayla is a University Professor since September 1, 2020 at the Ecole Nationale des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT), Roubaix, and at the Laboratory of Textile Engineering and Materials (GEMTEX). In January 2019 Aurelie Cayla received the Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (Authorization to supervise Researches) in Civil, Materials and Structural Engineering at the University of Lille in the GEMTEX laboratory.  “Towards the elaboration of multi-component fibers, by melt process, for the development of the functionality of textile structures.”

Her field of research is the functionalization by melt and wet spinning process of multifilaments: polymer blends, biopolymers, nanocomposites, …. (conductive, flame retardant, antibacterial multifilaments….), physico-chemical characterization of polymer surfaces, Ageing and durability of polymers.

Aurelie Cayla teaches activities below: Textile raw materials, synthesis, functionalization and implementation (extrusion-spinning) of polymers, intelligent textiles, management of student projects.

 Cédric COCHRANE is associate professor at the Textile Engineering School (master 2) ENSAIT. He received the associate professor accreditation in Automatic of the Lille University in 2018. He received a PhD in Engineering Sciences of the Lille University in 2007. His teaching activities are specialized in smart textiles, textiles metrology and design of experiments. His recent research activities concern the design of mechanical sensors and electrodes, design of actuators (colour change or light-emitting textile structure) and energy harvesting textile. His research is also focused on the reliability of the system (washability for instance) and especially interconnection. Thus network, wireless communication, and data transfer are also investigated.

 Sihem Dekhili is a professor of Marketing at the University of Strasbourg. She followed engineering studies in agri-food economics and obtained a PhD in food marketing domain. Her main research interests focus on responsible consumption, eco-labeling, and ethical fashion.        She published more than 45 articles in several international journals as Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Psychology & Marketing, European Business Review, Business Strategy and the Environment, amongst others. In 2021, Prof. Dekhili produced 2 books: Marketing for sustainable development, rethinking consumption models (ISTE-Wiley), and Sustainable marketing (Pearson) that obtained Syntec/FNEGE academic Price of the best book in management. Also, the works of Prof. Dekhili have been disseminated via different media as Le Monde Press, France 2 and France 24 TV, among others.

 Aurélie Mosse, PhD, is a design-led & practice-based researcher working at the intersection of textile design, architecture and new technologies. Professor in Design for Material Futures & co-head of the Soft Matters

research group of Ensadlab at Ecole des Arts Déco (Paris, FR), her current research explores how bacterially-induced materials can inform more poetic and resilient perspectives of inhabitation. Associated member of the Matters of Activity cluster of Humboldt University since 2019, she is one of the main partner of the MSCA-SOFTWEAR doctoral network dedicated to soft actuators and exosqueletons and the first design-led researcher recipient of the young researchers grant (JCJC) of the French National Agency for Research (ANR) for the ImpressioVivo project (2021-25).

Bruno Mougin

 Bruno Mougin started with chemical engineering studies at the National School of engineering in Clermont-Ferrand. He specialized in polymeric materials. At the same time he obtained a master in chemistry of interactions at the Blaise Pascal University and finalized his education with a PhD degree at Claude Bernard University in Lyon in 2005, on the reactive extrusion process for the elaboration of nanocomposites materials. He collaborated in academic environments (Claude Bernard University, French national research centre CNRS, Technical University Clausthal). Bruno Mougin has a strong experience of the industry. He actually worked for Rhodia (Solvay today), Exxonmobil, Hermès, Sofileta, Arjowiggins, Thuasne and other companies in the field of research and development. He joined the association Techtera (the French textile cluster of competitiveness) from 2011 and accumulated several missions: business development, interclustering, management of quality and collaborative projects of innovation mainly at the European level. Bruno Mougin has a strong experience in innovation, at the interface of the academic research and the industrial needs.

 Cesar Segovia is head of research at CETELOR, Fibre textile research center – University of Lorraine, since 2011. Cesar Segovia participates in the Lorver project and the Newfibre project. 

Lorver project is supported by Lorraine Region and European Union (FEDER) involving 4 partner organizations and 5 industrial partners (5 years ending in Dec 2018) whose purpose is creating a production sector of non-food plant biomass by value add to degraded sites and industrial by-products.

Cesar Segovia is the chief investigator of R&D for NewFibre project based on natural fiber characterization of the textile in the Lorraine Region. 4 public and 4 industrial partners are involved in the revitalization of natural fibers for the textile industry. Project objective is to cultivate a specific and environmentally friendly type of fiber, to obtain a yarn that can be easily used by textile manufacturers.

 Henri Vahabi received his PhD in Materials Science from University of Montpellier, France, in 2011. Since then, he jointed to University of Lorraine, France as associate professor. His main research interests include flame retardancy of polymeric materials and nanocomposites. He has authored over 130 peer-reviewed scientific articles, book, and book chapters.

Delphine Vialleton a textile engineer trained at the ENSAIT school. After a brief stint in the field of the manufacture of hat, she joined the Satab company. Delphine have been working for Satab for more than 25 years. Firstly, she was in charge to create and develop the deying laboratory. In 2009, Delphine Vialleton became R&D manager of the dying and printing department. Since 2018, Delphine Vialleton is in charge of the innovation department for all the company. 

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