Journée franco-suédoise de la recherche 2016

Save the date! La 19e édition de la Journée franco-suédoise de la recherche aura lieu le 27 octobre 2016 à Stockholm.

This networking day is dedicated to the scientific cooperation between France and Sweden. It is meant for French researchers active in Sweden, Swedish colleagues involved or interested in contacts with France, researchers who would like to join us and meet new partners, or just curious researchers interested by the presented topics… you are all welcome! We offer the opportunity to meet in a friendly atmosphere, learn new things from all fields of research, and end the day with a nice drink! Et tout cela en français, in English eller på svenska.

The red thread for this year draws on the celebrations of the 350th anniversary of the French Académie des sciences, when Louis XIV summoned the members “to advance and foster science for the common good and the glory of [his] reign”. Representatives of both the French and the Swedish Academies of Sciences will lead our way for this exciting journey!

There will be several presentations by experts, and we will make space for those scientists interested in presenting their own research.

Venue: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Beijersalen, Lilla Frescativägen 4A, Stockholm.

Like always, the participation will be free, but registration will be mandatory. The preliminary program will soon be available, so keep an eye on our updates! You can also join our LinkedIn group French-Swedish Research Cooperation,

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