On a travaillé ensemble …

This is just a start to make you see what is in the database while you start adding persons. The design, and what text-content is should be displayed, is a work in progress. Also this page will contain alphabetical letters, as discussed

[wpv-filter-start hide=”false”] [wpv-filter-controls]
[wpv-filter-search-box output=’bootstrap’]
[wpv-filter-submit name=”Submit” class=”” type=”input”]

[/wpv-filter-controls] [wpv-filter-end]
[tb-dynamic-container provider=’__current_post’ source=’toolset_custom_field|media’ field=’featured-image’ removeDeadLinkTarget=”true”]

[types field=’firstname’] [/types] [types field=’lastname’] [/types]

[tb-dynamic-container provider=’__current_post’ source=’post-url’ field=”][/tb-dynamic-container]

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