Rejoignez le réseau scientifique de l’Ambassade de France en Suède

Join the scientific network of the French Embassy in Sweden

You are a French scientist, a Francophile or a Francophone in Sweden? You are active in a research organization in France or in Sweden and you want to find a research partner in the other country? You have been a laureate of a mobility program between France and Sweden and want to keep in touch with the people you met? You would like to know more about what’s happening in the French and Swedish scientific spheres? You would be eager to participate in scientific events organized by the IFS? This network is for you.

Our main priorities are:

  • Follow the advances in science, innovation, technology, higher education in Sweden and report their highlights through newsletters and specific channels
  • Promote bilateral partnerships in science, technology and innovation
  • Foster exchanges and increase the mobility of researchers and doctoral students
  • Serve as a liaison between French and Swedish academic and scientific organizations as well as between the two countries’ central governments and agencies
  • Increase the visibility in Sweden of France’s foremost laboratories and universities

We would like to strengthen the link so that we can get to know you better, better meet your needs and support you more effectively in your projects. We also welcome your suggestions.

How to become part if it?
Once you have completed the online form and given your consent for it, you will receive the contact details of the Scientific Cooperation Department. Click here to access the registration form.

This first step will enable us to get to know you and thus establish a privileged channel of communication in order to invite you to targeted events, to set up projects together to strengthen the scientific cooperation, to support you in your scientific mobility initiatives and to offer you assistance with your research and collaboration projects.

We look forward exchanging views with you !

This network is created at the initiative of the office for scientific and higher education cooperation between France and Sweden of the French Institute of Sweden in the French Embassy in Sweden.

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