La chercheuse en sciences marines Anna Lunde Hermansson en voyage d’études à Brest et à Paris

Anna Lunde Hermansson est la lauréate du Prix FINA 2022 ( French Institutes Nordic Award) 

L’Institut français de Suède est ravi d’avoir pu sponsoriser la mobilité scientifique d’Anna Lunde Hermansson en France et ainsi lui permettre d’assister à la Sea Tech Week 2022 et de rencontrer de nombreux experts français en sciences marines à Brest et à Paris. Découvrez ci-dessous son journal de bord.

Le prix FINA vise à promouvoir la coopération scientifique entre la France et les pays nordiques, en récompensant des réalisations remarquables dans la thématique de l’année. Retrouver le journal de bord de la lauréate 2020, Justine Ramage au Congrès mondial de la nature à Marseille.

Alternative Tour
de France with the
French Institute

Sea Tech Week and Research
exchange with the FINA laureates

On Sunday the 25th of September, after a
long trip by train and bus from Gothenburg, I arrived in a quiet and starlit Brest. The morning after, the sky had
turned grey and the rain poured – typical Brest weather I heard and just like home for me, being from Gothenburg. During the breakfast at Hôtel Belvédère I conclude that the baguettes are world class, perfect structure inside and crispy crust (yes, I am a bread-nerd and love baking). The sun arrived and I was ready for Sea Tech Week!

1: First day at Sea Tech Week.

Monday the 26th-Thursday 29th of September were dedicated to Sea Tech Week, a conference dedicated to maritime transportation. I enjoyed interesting sessions on; alternative propulsion systems and behaviour of hybrid fuels (Cedre), risk assessment on volatile substances in the marine environment (also Cedre), detection and protection of marine mammals in intense ship lanes and around offshore wind farms; and new initiatives to make the shipping sector greener in the future.

The rather grey city-centre of Brest is compensated by the warm and friendly people and the stunning surrounding
nature. I decided early that week that if the weather allowed during the weekend, I would go for a hike… if the weather allowed.

2: Windy conditions at Technopôle Brest.

The Thursday ended with the FINA webinar Threats to our oceans – A global issue!, where us laureates had the opportunity to meet each other virtually and present our research. Cecile Doddier, the moderator from the European Environment Agency, did a wonderful job and asked all of us relevant and subjectspecific questions. The webinar was a good experience and a taste of what would come for the actual mobility week.

3: Amazing treks outside of Brest.
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