Formerly known as FRÖ, ÖMSE, TOR and GALAN programs, the SFVE-A program (Svensk Fransk Vetenskap–Anslag) aims to promote scientific and academic cooperations between France and Sweden by giving researchers established in a Swedish or a French institution (e.g. university, research laboratory, etc.) the opportunity to participate in a mobility program between both countries. 

The call for applications is open until the end of August 2024for a mobility before the 10th of November 2024. The applications can be closed before if the budget ceiling is reached.

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Who can apply:

The SFVE-A program is open to researchers established in France or Sweden without nationality requirement.

This program is intended for researchers with a PHD in order to:

  • Organize a scientific workshop in France or Sweden in order to prepare large-scale projects (bilateral, regional or European).
  • Carry out an academic or scientific visit in France or Sweden.

This program is also intended for PHD students who want to:

  • Complete a double degree PHD between a French and a Swedish institution.
  • Apply for the “European doctorate” label.


The period of the year during which the mobility takes place, and its duration depends on the researcher’s project.


The exact destination in France or Sweden depends on the university, the research laboratories and the people with whom the researcher plans to work. The accomodation’s choice is left at the researcher’s will.

About the grant:

  • The grant is calculated on a project-by-project basis.
  • The grant is a contribution to travel and accommodation expenses. Maximum grant is 1500€.
  • A partial advance of the grant may be given. The rest of the grant is paid upon fulfillment of the mobility’s report, as explained in the “Requirements” below.
  • The grant is awarded for the current calendar year.


Before the mobility

  • Applicants must complete a form describing their research project, specifying the research laboratories, teams and researchers they will be working with, and explaining the topics they plan to address.
  • A meeting with the Scientific and University Department of the French Institute in Sweden can be arranged in order to discuss the mobility project in detail.
  • If the project is accepted, a partnership agreement will be signed between the researcher and the French Institute in Sweden before the mobility.

During the mobility

  • The researcher may be contacted by the French Institute in Sweden to present his/her research and promote scientific culture (e.g through lectures, panel discussions, interventions in high schools or universities, etc.).

After the mobility

  • The researcher must complete a one-page report to briefly describe his/her research mobility. The report template is provided by the French Institute in Sweden and can be found here.
  • The French Institute in Sweden will publish the report on the French-Nordic Research website to promote the researcher’s work and his/her mobility experience.
  • The researcher may be contacted by the French Institute in Sweden to present his/her research (e.g. through lectures, conferences, workshops, panel discussions, etc.).
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