Festival des sciences 2023 sur l’économie circulaire

The Vetenskapsfestivalen and the French Institute in Sweden – Embassy of France in Sweden organizes four roundtables about Circular economy to discuss the concepts of circular economy within a general framework and applied to different fields such as energy, goods and food.

The production and consumption of energy is an important issue. How can we apply the principles of a circular economy to these areas? How can we switch from a no-limit growth to virtuous limits? 

How can we move towards more virtuous attitudes when manufacturing goods? Every day, we see more products made to meet needs that are often created for commercial purposes or without concern for environmental sustainability. How can we move to more virtuous attitudes, which set limits to runaway behaviours? All sectors are concerned, and we will choose to focus more precisely on some of them: textiles, plastics, and electronics. 

From farm to fork: reasoned production and consumption. Valorisation of the agricultural, food processing and culinary heritage, fight against food waste, rational production at all levels (agricultural production, breeding, food industry, distribution, consumption…): so many subjects to be discussed to find tracks which will lead from “always more” to “better, because rational and limited”. 

These roundtables will be moderated by researchers, engineers, designers, and lecturers.

The roundtables will take place on the 21st and 22nd of April in Göteborg, STADSBIBLIOTEKET, Hörsalen Götaplatsen 3, 402 29 Göteborg.

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