French Ambassador Jacques Lapouge presents “Paris Climate Conference 2015 – high stakes and perspectives” on thursday 24th september.

The student organisation Brännpunkt Europa invites the french Ambassador in Sweden, Jacques Lapouge, for a conference at the University of Gothenburg.

Jacques Lapouge has a history as France’s Climate Ambassador and has been Ambassador of Sweden since autumn 2014. Jacques Lapouge will visit the University of Gothenburg to talk about the Climate Conference in Paris which will be held in France between 30 of November to 11 of December this fall.

Jacques Lapouge will present the agenda of COP21 and share his experience and view of the climate policy and international negotiations. He will also talk about France’s position in the negotiating, work in preparation for COP21 and will highlight Europe’s role in the work against climate change.

Where: Dragonen, Sprängkullsgatan 19, Göteborg

When: thursday 24th september, 12.00-13.00

Info: Free admission. Free lunch baguettes for 30 first arrivals.


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